Raising Isla - A Journey of First-Time Parenthood

Join us on our parenting adventure as we navigate through the ups and downs of first-time parenthood. Get tips, advice, and inspiration for raising your own little one.

About Raising Isla

Welcome to Raising Isla, a mommy blog dedicated to sharing the joys and challenges of first-time parenthood through the lens of my daughter Isla. Join us as we navigate this beautiful journey together.

I'm Jasmine, a new first-time mom, and I am so happy you’re here. Let me share a little about myself- I am married to my high school best friend and the love of my life, and together, we are blessed with a precious daughter, Isla. I created this blog with one simple mission in mind: to offer support, guidance, and a helping hand to fellow first-time moms who, like me, were seeking that extra dose of understanding and companionship during pregnancy and those transformative first few months postpartum. I wanted to create a place where we could learn and grow together, sharing the ups and downs, the triumphs and challenges, and all the moments that make this journey so special.

This space is all about creating a nurturing and uplifting community where we can find comfort, share stories, and gather wisdom from one another. As I navigate this beautiful chaos called motherhood, I'll be updating the blog with my personal experiences, tips, and insights I gather along the way. So, let's buckle up, hold each other's hands, and embark on this extraordinary adventure of motherhood. Together, we'll navigate the twists and turns, celebrate the milestones, and embrace the joys that come with raising our precious little ones.

Get ready for laughter, tears and shared experiences.

With love,