Top 10 Bamboo Pajama Companies

To ensure dreamy comfort for your little one


Jasmine Hekking

7/17/20232 min read

Hey Wonderful Moms and Sleepy Littles!

As a mom who believes in wrapping our precious babies in the coziest and softest jammies, I'm absolutely thrilled to share my top 10 favorite baby bamboo pajama stores. From dreamy comfort to delightful designs, these stores have won my heart with their premium quality and adorably soft sleepwear. So, let's dive into this fun and supportive journey to discover the perfect slumberwear for our little angels!

1. Kaia Baby:

Kaia baby is based in Oahu, Hawaii and their designs really bring that to life. Their prints are cute, unique and mom designed. Check out Kaia Baby to bring a little bit of paradise into yours and your little one's lives.

2. Little Sleepies:

Little Sleepies is a magical wonderland of whimsical prints that bring joy to my baby's dreams. Their "Secret Garden" print is an a dream and their crescent zippies are a game changer. The bamboo pajamas are incredibly soft and snuggly, making bedtime cuddles even cozier.

3. Bums and Roses:

Bums and Roses offers bamboo baby pajamas that are both eco-friendly and oh-so-stylish. The "Make You Monarch" print makes bedtime magical. Their prints are spunky and I love knowing that my little one is sleeping in cozy, sustainable jammies.

4. Free Birdees:

Free Birdees has quickly become a household favorite with their imaginative prints that spark my baby's curiosity. Their "Lemonade Stand and Honey Bears" print creates a whimsical summer wonderland in her dreams. These bamboo pajamas are gentle on her skin, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep.

5. In My Jammers:

In My Jammers takes bedtime to the next level with their delightful and fun prints. Their "Just Peachy" print adds a touch of sweetness to my baby's slumber. I can't help but smile when I see her wearing these adorable bamboo pajamas.

6. Little Bird Bamboo:

Little Bird Bamboo not only offers premium comfort but also a sense of nostalgia with their prints. They teamed up with Strawberry Shortcake for one of our all time favorite prints, making bedtime even more special. These bamboo pajamas are like a little slice of happiness for both my baby and my inner child.

7. Tesa Babe:

Tesa Babe's bamboo baby pajamas are truly dreamy with their softness and delightful designs. Their "Cowgirl" print is an adorable addition to our bedtime routine.

8. Little Crowns and Capes:

Little Crowns and Capes puts an elegant twist on themed prints. From swaddles to daywear, everything they have is stunning. One of our favorites right now is the Emerald City print! We just can't get enough of it.

9. Larkspur Baby Company:

Larkspur's eco-friendly bamboo pajamas are a planet-friendly choice that doesn't compromise on style. Their "Starfish" print adds a touch of summertime to every snooze.

10. Sleepy Sloth:

I love how original this company is and I might love the cute name even more. I have loved every single print this company has put out but my all time favorite is the "Horror Circus" print, it's perfect for all the horror movie fans!

Remember, each baby is unique, so find the bamboo baby pajama store that suits your little one's personality and needs best. Let's tuck our little stars in dreamy comfort, filling their nights with love and sweet dreams!

With love and cozy bedtime wishes,