How Hatch Saved My Sanity With a 3 Month Old

Discover the ultimate sleep solution that transformed my life with a 3-month old, making restless nights a thing of the past


Jasmine Hekking

7/20/20233 min read

Today I want to share one of the most game-changing discoveries I've made on my journey as a mom - the Hatch Rest 2nd Gen Sound Machine!

As many of you know, my adorable little girl, Isla, recently turned three months old, and let me tell you, those first few months have been a rollercoaster of joy, exhaustion, and everything in between. One thing that became crystal clear was the importance of sleep - not only for Isla but for my sanity too! That's when the Hatch Rest 2nd Gen swooped in to save the day (and night)!

Let's dive into the magic of this machine and how it transformed Isla's sleep routine, and consequently, our lives.

Why Hatch Rest 2nd Gen is the Dreamiest Sound Machine:

  • Customizable Soothing Sounds: The Hatch Rest 2nd Gen offers a variety of sounds that can make bedtime a dream come true. From gentle lullabies to calming white noise, you can tailor it to suit your baby's preferences. Isla absolutely adores the rain sound - it's like she's dozing off in her own mini rainforest retreat!

  • Night Light Magic: The soft, customizable night light on the Hatch Rest 2nd Gen is pure genius. It provides the perfect amount of glow, creating a serene sleep environment. It also doubles as a dimmable reading light for those late-night story sessions with Isla.

  • Time-to-Rise Feature: This feature is seriously a game-changer! As Isla grows, she'll eventually understand the concept of time, and with the Hatch Rest 2nd Gen's time-to-rise feature, she'll know when it's okay to get out of bed. Mama needs her beauty sleep too, right?

  • LED Colors to Encourage Sleep Patterns: As a tech-savvy mama, I absolutely love this feature. The Hatch Rest 2nd Gen uses specific colors proven to encourage healthy sleep patterns. It's like having a sleep expert in a tiny device!

  • Safe and Smart Design: Safety is our number one priority, and this sound machine gets an A+ in that department. It's not only baby-proof, but its sleek design also seamlessly blends into Isla's nursery. Plus, the controls are super intuitive and easy to use - even during those middle-of-the-night fumbling moments!

Our Sleep Savior On-the-Go: The Hatch Rest Go!

Now, let's talk about the Hatch Rest Go - the new portable sound machine that has revolutionized our adventures outside of the nursery!

  • Compact and Portable: The Hatch Rest Go is so tiny and lightweight that I can easily toss it into the diaper bag without even noticing it's there. It's perfect for trips to grandma's, vacations, or simply for when we're on-the-go during the day.

  • White Noise Magic: This little gem comes with ten white noise options that help soothe Isla no matter where we are. It's like bringing a little piece of home with us, no matter where we roam.

  • Rechargeable Battery: Thank goodness for rechargeable batteries! No more frantic searches for replacements in the middle of the night. Plus, it's eco-friendly, and I'm all about reducing our carbon footprint..

A Note to All the Sleep-Deprived Moms:

I want to take a moment to remind all of you incredible moms out there that sleep deprivation is real, and it can be challenging, especially during those first few months. But hang in there! Finding solutions like the Hatch Rest 2nd Gen and Hatch Rest Go can be game-changers for both you and your little ones.

Isla and I still have our moments, but these sound machines have definitely made a difference in her sleep routine, and ultimately, mine. A well-rested mom is a happy mom, after all!

So, whether you're dealing with a newborn or a toddler, remember that we're all in this together, and we've got this! Sweet dreams to you and your little bundles of joy!

Love and happy snoozing,