10 Must Have Items For Your Two Month Old

Products that have been the most helpful over the last two months


7/13/20233 min read

Taking care of a two month old is no easy task, these products have helped make it a little bit easier for us:

This tool has been a life saver. It has 4 different tips: one to help remove booger's from your little one's nose, one to clean under their nails, one to remove visible wax from ears, and one for everywhere else (in between toes, their belly button, etc.) This tool has made it so easy to keep my girl clean and happy!

Isla has been sleeping for about 8+ hours a night since she was about 9 weeks old and I give the Hatch so much credit. Babies are used to a lot of noise while they are in the womb and sound machines help soothe them. The hatch is the best sound machine out there and it's also a night light and an alarm. There are so many different sounds and night light colors to choose from, there is no doubt it will help your baby fall asleep just like it helped Isla. We typically have hers set on white noise with the red night light when she sleeps.

This toy in inexpensive and one of my daughter's favorites. It is amazing for kids of all ages and grows with them for years. Right now we use it to lay-and-play so she can kick her legs and press the piano keys. We also use it for tummy time and it makes her actually enjoy it!

Isla outgrew her bassinet quickly and my husband and I still wanted her sleeping in our room so this Pack 'n Play was perfect. We used the travel bassinet at my mom's house when she still fit in it and it was so lightweight and easy to take with us. The Pack 'n Play itself is the perfect size and simple to set up. In the future, we will be using a Pack n' Play from day one with our babies until we are ready for them to sleep in their own room.

This cute caterpillar has so many different uses and my daughter has loved it. It can be extended for tummy time and folded up to help support your baby in a sitting position. There is even a teething toy attached. My daughter had a hard time with tummy time at first and this made it so much easier.

Isla's favorite swaddles were the love to dream swaddles because she could have her hands by her face to self soothe. They worked great until she was about ten weeks old and started to show signs of rolling over. Our pediatrician recommended we move her from her bassinet and stop swaddling her. These transition bags made it so much easier because they gave her the same feeling of comfort as the swaddle but we were able to unzip the arms so she would be safe if she rolled. These made the transition from swaddles to sleep bags so easy for us.

Baby wearing has so many benefits including cognitive and social development for baby. Isla loves being worn in her Moby wrap and it makes it easier for me to get things done around the house, go on walks, and go out in public. These wraps are soft, stretchy and amazing quality.

This toy has it all: High contrast patterns to help with visual development, crinkle paper, and ribbons to help your baby learn about different textures and sounds. My daughter has LOVED this toy.

Around two months is when your little one will be getting their first round of shots which could cause them to need Tylenol for the first couple of days. They also may develop colds, or other illnesses that require you to give them medicine. This Pacifier has made giving Isla medicine so easy. It is so easy to use and my daughter hardly realizes we are giving her medicine!

Trimming my daughter's nails with regular nail clippers made me so nervous so when I found this electric nail file it was a game changer. It has 6 different heads so you can use it on any age range- even adults!. This nail trimmer has made trimming Isla's nails so easy that I do it in her sleep.